How to create polls / votings or quizzes

Here you can prepare votings that you want to conduct during your presentation. You can either create a fully customized poll by clicking “Create”, or use one of the many predefined polls as a basis by clicking “Create from Template”.

The following customizations can be made:

  • Question: Enter the question you want to vote on here.
  • Answer Type: Choose between single and multiple choice, depending on whether only one or more answers per participant should be selectable. You can also configure the poll to be a quiz, if it has one (or more) correct answers and should therefore be carried out as a quiz. For quizzes, a checkbox appears next to each answer where you can choose which answer is correct. The correct answer will be highlighted in the result chart and your attendees will see if their answer was correct after you finish the quiz.
    IMPORTANT: After saving, the answer type can’t be changed anymore. To do so, you need to copy it by clicking on “Duplicate”.
  • Start after: Automatically start the poll after a countdown. Delay poll start for X seconds. This only applies when the poll is set to automatically start on a specific slide (configurable in SlideLizard menu bar), not when started manually.
  • Close after: Automatically finish poll. Block further votes after X seconds. This only applies when the poll is set to automatically run on a specific slide (configurable in SlideLizard menu bar), not when started manually.
  • Chart Type: Decide whether the result should be displayed as a column, bar or pie chart. Pie charts are particularly suitable for few possible answers, e.g. “Yes” and “No”.
  • Answer image: Decide how pictures or emojis which you can optionally add to each answer should be displayed.
  • Answers: Each answer requires a text and can optionally contain an image or emoji (click on the respective symbol to the left of the text). To add more answers, press the Enter key or the plus symbol at the bottom right. By holding down and dragging the symbol with the two arrows, you can change the order of the answers.

With SlideLizard you can also configure your polls to start at specific slides and show the results afterwards . To do so, check out this article: How to automatically conduct polls on specific slides.

TIP: So-called “icebreaker questions” are very useful to familiarize the audience with SlideLizard and to start the presentation interactively. Creative ideas & tips can be found at