To participate in your presentation, viewers must access the participant link of your presentation on their smartphone. If you click on “Show participant link” in the presenter view, the link will be visible to everyone above your slides.

Now you can inform your attendees, for example like this::

“For my presentation, I use SlideLizard to collect questions and conduct live polls. I also use it to provide you my slides and additional content. You can now take out your smartphone and either scan the QR code or enter the currently displayed link in your browser.”

Tip 1: Viewers can participate with any device as long as it has an internet connection and a web browser (e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop).

Tip 2: Allow a short period of time for your participants to connect. Keep an eye on the number of connected attendees in the bottom left corner of the SlideLizard presenter view to better estimate when you can proceed with your presentation.

The participant link consists of 2 parts, e.g.

  • By default, each participant link starts with this URL.
  • 9x2w: Each presentation has a unique 4-digit presentation code attached to the end of the URL (case insensitive).
    IMPORTANT: The code is unique for each PowerPoint presentation. Therefore you can also print it if you want.

The participant link and the design of the slide can also be personalised for companies or events on request (, e.g.