VersionRelease dateChanges
1.9.7February 21, 2024 – CI Guide Configuration in Admin Panel
– Export image
– Search in current folder/subfolder
1.9.6 November 24, 2023 – Update images
– Image version details
– Restrict shown assets by asset state and license
– Help section in ribbon
– Show subfolder count within folder name (optional)
– Bugfix: double click insert button will only insert once now
– Added comment to slide update
1.9.5 November 06, 2023 – Added From and To Date to advanced search
– Search will now affect current folder and subfolders
– Find currently selected slide in library
– Fixed MacOS context menu bug
– Context menu display UX improvement
– Minor UI improvements
1.9.4September 20, 2023 – Automatically adapt shapes within CI Guide rules
– Failed Slide inserts do not stop the process anymore
– Go to folder of slides or images after searching the library
– Upload an independent slide as a new version to an existing slide in library
1.9.1 April 26, 2023 – Basic Analytics
1.9.0April 24, 2023– CIGuide
1.8.4March 05, 2023– Automatically check if the slides are up to date when opening the presentation
1.8.1 December 14, 2022– Insert slide as template (unlinked from the library)
1.8.0 November 10, 2022– Added Image support
– Import images via upload or via public link
– Insert images of your library into slides
– Advanced search extended with asset type
– Various UX improvements
1.7.0 August 11, 2022 – Added slide shortcut support
– Added multi language support
1.6.5 July 22, 2022– Tags system overhaul (added multi tag filter functionality)
– Add XXX-large option for preview size
1.6.4 June 23, 2022 – Added slide export dialog
– Added SlideLizard slide watermark
– Added predefined tags (tenants only)
– Improved loading experience
1.6.3May 30, 2022– Slide Status added, user can no assign different states to slides (e.g. ‘In progress’, ‘Declined’, ‘Accepted’, default is set to ‘No state’). Feature only enabled for tenant folders.
1.6.2April 13, 2022– Added delete all shortcut
– Improved multiple slides selection
1.6.1April 8, 2022– Show pending state for uploaded slides (while slide is being processed)
– Fix upload order of slides
1.6.0March 28, 2022– Add private library support
– Integrate Master and Operational user support
– Choose slide preview size
– View slide version history
– Insert old versions of a slide
– Add an optional message when uploading a new slide version
1.5.0March 15, 2022– Reorder slides in library
– Move slides via drag & drop
– Insert multiple slides at once
– Added keyboard shortcuts
1.4.0January 24, 2022– Add tags to slides to find them faster
1.3.1December 17, 2021– Single sign on with Microsoft account
1.2.0December 6, 2021– Update PowerPoint slides to the newest version
1.1.1October 20, 2021– Bug fixes
1.1.0October 12, 2021– Bug fixes
1.0.0September 9, 2021– Save slides to the the library
– Insert slides from the library into a presentation

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