How to start a presentation with SlideLizard

IMPORTANT: Before you start a presentation with SlideLizard, connect a beamer or a second monitor and switch to the extended view (Windows key + P). SlideLizard needs the second screen to display the SlideLizard presenter view which allows you to control the interactive functions.

To start the presentation, click on “Start presentation” in the SlideLizard tab (if the presentation is started normally in PowerPoint, the interactive functions of SlideLizard are not activated).

After that, the following SlideLizard dialog appears:

Here you can configure the following:

And then start the presentation:

  • With SlideLizard: The presentation is started as an interactive presentation with SlideLizard. The SlideLizard presenter view opens, with which you can control the interactive functions.
  • Without SlideLizard: The presentation is started as a normal (non-interactive) PowerPoint presentation, as if SlideLizard were not activated.